1. star wars theory

    Star Wars - The goal of all the characters in the first 3 movies (4-6) is to die after making eye contact with Luke. That’s the entire point of “the force.” If you make eye contact with Luke within seconds of your death, you go to heaven (or get the Jedi ghost body). So let’s do the movies! Obi-Wan — Episode IV: A New Hope — Obi-Wan invades the death star, avoiding tens of thousands of well trained soldiers like they were confused toddlers. He engages the dark lord of the sith and is clearly winning. His friends are going to escape and he’s within sprinting distance of their vehicle. He turns, looks right at luke, smiles, and gives up. Boom, Jedi ghost body. Yoda

    — Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back —Obi-Wan tells luke to go give Yoda the magical ghost body. Luke does a lot of bullshit “training” while Yoda sits around waiting for old age to claim him (apparently you can’t suicide in front of Luke, that’s not how it works). When Luke goes out to Cloud City to rescue his friends, Yoda tells him he cannot leave yet. Why? Because his training isn’t finished. But then we go to Jedi. Luke returns to Yoda to complete his training, and what does Yoda say? His training was already complete. Yoda then dies, right in front of luke. Boom. Jedi ghost body.

    Vader — Episode VI: Return of the Jedi — Finally Luke is captured and taken to the emperor, who goads luke repeatedly in an attempt to have luke kill him. Vader at one point lets his reflexes get the best of him and stops the emperor’s one and only chance at a ghost body. Angry, the emperor decides that if he can’t have a magical ghost body, no one can. He proceeds to murder luke. Vader, seeing his last chance at a magical ghost body (literally) go up in smoke, grabs the emperor and tosses him down the infinite shaft, well out of luke-death range. Then, what’s vader’s last request? To have his helmet removed, so he can make eye contact with Luke as he dies. Boom. Jedi. Ghost. Body.

    TL;DR, My new catchphrase for when something goes according to plan:

    Boom. Jedi ghost body.

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